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A little dog that was afraid of being…
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A little dog that was afraid of being approached has changed after receiving sincere affection and care


Many people, when they encounter people or animals in distress and find themselves in situations where quick action is needed, feel an urgency to help by making quick decisions.

But not everyone responds in this way. Especially in the case of unexpectedly finding a wounded dog, which is certainly an upsetting experience. 

At first, perhaps, we may not even know very well what to do, but what is certain is that the man we are about to talk to you about did something very natural and spontaneous.

In fact, with his gestures of affection, he was able to rescue and change the destiny of an animal in difficulty, leaving an indelible mark in its life.

image: Facebook

We are talking about Eldad Hagar and the little dog Leesa, a young stray female pitbull dog that lived on the streets of Los Angeles until she came to find herself in a really unpleasant situation. Some people, in fact, had seen her injured and hiding under a car, visibly frightened.

By her behavior, she had made it clear to everyone that she did not want to be touched as she was particularly upset due to her painful and bleeding wounds.

Not knowing what else to do, the passers-by decided to call Hope For Paws, a non-profit animal rescue organization, operating in the California metropolis area.

image: Facebook

Eldad Hagar, a volunteer and the founder of the organization, immediately went to the spot to try to rescue Leesa. The dog, according to what he later said, did not want to have anything to do with being touched or moved.

In fact, as soon as Eldad approached her, she became more frightened and retreated even further, and escaped to take refuge under another car. 

At that point, Eldad decided it was better to go slow and earn Leesa's trust if he wanted to bring her to safety. Consequently, after a while, and not without some effort, the pitbull relaxed and allowed the man to capture her. Eldad described the experience as a truly touching and inspiring moment, although he is used to such situations.

image: Facebook

"I've already done this thousands of times," Eldad said, "But it is always very special to go through this process in which a relationship of trust develops over a short period of time. It was so sweet to have her sitting on my lap, and then she leaned toward me to receive a hug and she gave me a kiss. She reacted to me almost like a human being."

After the rescue, Leesa was immediately taken to a veterinarian clinic, where she underwent surgery to solve her health problems, caused by several tumors: one in her chest, one in her head, and another in her back.

image: Facebook

Of course, Leesa's recovery was not rapid, but after a while, the little dog recovered and was adopted by a family that knows how to give her all the love she needs.

Not only. Her character has totally changed! Now, Leesa loves receiving and giving kisses to her human friends and she is certainly one of the most affectionate dogs around!

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