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His wife has Alzheimer's and he takes…
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His wife has Alzheimer's and he takes her to work every day to not leave her at home alone


Alzheimer's is a widespread disease and very difficult to manage, especially for family members.

In fact, those who have it no longer have full control of their cognitive abilities.

They experience memory loss (and therefore need continuous assistance) and often do not recognize the people around them, despite having shared their life with them for many years.

Case in point is that of Fresia, a 65-year-old woman who lives in Coquimbo, Chile.

For a while now, the effects of the disease have become more and more evident, but her husband, Mario Núñez (71), does not feel like leaving her alone at home when he goes to work every day.

Consequently, every morning Mario gets up at 5:30 am to drive a bus through the city streets.

But before leaving for work, it is not only himself that he must prepare for the working day. In fact, after waking up, he gets his wife out of bed, brushes her teeth, bathes and dresses her, and takes her to work with him.

Once on the bus, that he has to drive for about nine hours a day, Mario accommodates his wife, Fresia in one of the front seats where she remains for the entire time of her husband's work shift.

The love that binds them, which has lasted 28 years, is still very strong, although Fresia practically does not recognize Mario anymore.

Yet he does not feel like leaving her at home because she has not been independent for a long time and could get hurt. Also, their children, for personal reasons, cannot help them, and the available care facilities are very expensive.

Sometimes, the man confesses, it is not easy. Especially, on cold days, it is really painful to have to wake her up and take her out of the warm house.

Moreover, even if many passengers understand the situation and are understanding, some other people do not always have the patience to accept the situation without making jokes or being rude.


The story of Mario and Fresia has touched millions of people, above all, due to the loving dedication with which he takes care of her every day.

Fortunately, however, this popularity and attention have produced positive results! In fact, the Fundación Las Rosas, a Chilean social assistance institution founded by the Catholic church, for example, has offered to provide a place in a nursing home for Fresia so that she can be assisted in the city of La Serena, Chile.

We hope that the government authorities will also move to ensure this woman, and her loving husband and companion, the tranquility they deserve.

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