For years, a teenage boy eats almost only potato chips and French fries and risks becoming totally blind -
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For years, a teenage boy eats almost…
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For years, a teenage boy eats almost only potato chips and French fries and risks becoming totally blind


We already knew that junk food is not good for our body, but that the consumption of certain foods could lead to serious health consequences is hard to believe.

This is more or less what has happened to a British teenager, who risked going blind due to the constant and exaggerated consumption of potato chips and French fries for several years.

The troubling story was reported by BBC News Online, pointing out that the lack of important vitamins in the diet is extremely dangerous to our health.

via: BBC
image: Marco Verch

The case was not only promulgated by BBC News Online but also published for the first time in the Annals of Internal Medicine, a medical journal, by doctors at the Bristol Eye Hospital, a specialist ophthalmic hospital in Bristol.

The teenage boy in question, since leaving primary school, has been eating only bags of potato chips and French fries from fast-food restaurants, while occasionally also eating sausages.

The direct consequences of this diet have been a very serious lack of vitamin B12, vitamin D, selenium, and copper, resulting in a substantial loss of vision over the years.

The doctors at the Bristol Eye Hospital have confirmed the seriousness of the diagnosis, pointing out that, unfortunately, for the teenager, even if his condition is treated, this type of vision loss cannot be regained over time.

Moreover, the teenage boy has complained about the appearance of blind spots in his central vision. The team of experts immediately prescribed dietary supplements for him and counseling sessions with a dietician and a psychologist. Hopefully, now the teenager will be able to maintain a proper food balance.



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