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A little dog with a fractured paw drags…
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A little dog with a fractured paw drags herself to an animal shelter to save her 13 puppies!


Animals often know how to give us profound life lessons, thanks to the dedication they show towards their own kind or to the people to whom they are attached.

Their stories are capable of opening our eyes to the priorities of life, awakening deep feelings within us.

This is the case of the little female dog in this story that we are about to tell you. She was injured and in pain, but she did not hesitate to carry out a heroic mission in order to save her newborn puppies.

We do not know how the dog ended up in this situation. But the known facts are that the story takes place in St. Louis, Missouri and that someone had abandoned her with a fractured paw.

And to make matters worse, the dog must have been in a state of very advanced pregnancy with imminent birth!

In any case, shortly after being abandoned, she gave birth to her puppies. The young mother dog must have been amazed - there were 13 balls of fur! Where was she going to get the food to be able to feed them all?!

So the little dog decided to leave her puppies in search of help and somehow she was able to get to a nearby animal shelter.

Here the animal shelter operators immediately approached her and managed to calm her and take her in to the animal shelter.

Of course, their expert eyes did not miss a fundamental detail. Namely, the fact that the dog's body revealed she had just given birth and that meant that somewhere out there, her puppies were waiting for her!


After several search attempts, together with the mother dog, the animal shelter volunteers were finally able to find the litter, which was very well hidden among some bushes pretty close to the animal shelter. 

When they found the puppies, even the volunteers were amazed! There were six male and seven female puppies! Fortunately, they were all in good health, but they obviously needed their mother's care.

Certainly, a small surgical operation will be necessary to fix the fractured paw, but there is no doubt that the whole family will now have the care and love they all deserve.

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