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A woman gives her 2-year-old daughter…
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A woman gives her 2-year-old daughter her smartphone to play with and the little girl mistakenly buys a $500 armchair!


Today's children are so used to technology from an early age that the very term "digital native" is now becoming obsolete.

In fact, seeing little children with a smartphone or tablet while still in their baby strollers is now hardly surprising.

Although, it should be, especially for the child's sake, because often "less is best".

The proof is what happened to a mother from San Diego in the United States, who found herself with a piece of furniture, delivered after having been ordered by her two-year-old daughter online by mistake.

The unintentional owner of a piece of furniture worth almost $500 is called Isabella McNeil, while the small "budding interior decorator" answers to the name of Rayana.

It was not the first time that the woman had given her smartphone to her little daughter and allowed her to play with it. In fact, the child had become very clever in entering and leaving her favorite games.

But, what the inattentive mother had not taken into account is that Rayana was able to do much more, such as using other apps like Amazon. Using it as one of the many games, the little girl loaded a rather expensive armchair into the virtual shopping cart, clicking immediately on the "buy now with 1-click" button.

Only a few days later Isabella became aware of what had happened thanks to a message from Amazon that she received in her email in which she was notified that the armchair was being sent to her house.

At first, she thought it was a trivial misunderstanding, but then she connected the incident with the episode of a few days before, in which she had carelessly left the smartphone in her daughter's hands.

To her misfortune, Isabella had not canceled the order in time so she could not send it back or ask to be reimbursed. So she could not do anything but accept what had happened with a good dose of irony and put the expensive armchair up for sale online and sacrifice part of the money spent.

In fact, Isabella posted the following "for sale" announcement "I am selling a brand new armchair still unpacked, it was accidentally ordered by my daughter on Amazon ...'".

The curious post also caught the attention of the news media so much so that the story was reported in an interview given by the mother Isabella McNeil to NBC.

This story certainly makes us reflect on the use, or it would be better to say the abuse of technology by children and young people.

Progress cannot be stopped, but greater prudence and protection must be applied to avoid innocently falling into the many traps that can be found on the Internet.


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