Despite cerebral palsy, this man works…
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Despite cerebral palsy, this man works as a doctor and fights for those who are less fortunate!

September 02, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

There are people to whom life, from birth, looks like an uphill struggle.

For them, simple gestures, daily tasks, joys, affections, and activities are never taken for granted and represent a constant challenge, caused by the pathologies and disabilities they suffer from the first day of their lives.

The man we are going to talk to you about is one of these people.

His story, however, shows us that, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable difficulties, in life, you can always find the strength to move forward.

Not only that, but you can also achieve truly unexpected and surprising results.

His name is Juan Manuel Collazos and he is originally from Cali, a city in Colombia (South America). From the moment of his birth, he was diagnosed with hypoxia which is a lack of oxygen that causes cerebral palsy.

This is a pathology that is undoubtedly serious, but which has certainly not limited Juan's ambitions and dreams.

Of course, he has experienced many difficulties, especially during childhood and adolescence. In fact, even speaking and moving - basic gestures for every human being - for Juan were also real challenges.

Despite this, his cognitive faculties, his courage, and his will power gave him the determination and confidence to start and continue his studies, until he obtained his medical degree.

In fact, with the help of a caregiver, a person who helped him carry out day by day, physical activities and routine tasks, he was able to study and become a doctor. But that is not all!

El tener una (dis)CAPACIDAD, no te impide cumplir tus sueños;. He sido capaz de superarme, de luchar contra los “no vas...

Pubblicato da Juan Manuel Collazos Rozo su Giovedì 29 agosto 2019

Collazos, in fact, decided that his dream was to go beyond the degree that he had obtained and so he continued his studies at the university.

Thus, by doubling his efforts, he undertook a master's degree program in Epidemiology, which was successfully completed. And today we can say that all his efforts and determination have borne fruit.

In fact, Juan is currently involved in the field of social work, and he fights every day for the rights of people with disabilities and to improve public policies regarding these individuals.

So does Juan have a life that consists only of study or work and no entertainment? Fortunately, that is not the case! Because Juan, in addition to having become a doctor, an epidemiologist, and having obtained an important job, has also managed to start a family.


No one thought that Juan would have a normal life, a family, and a career. But due to Juan's natural abilities, acquired skills, and determination, he was able to do all of this and more!

It is stories like this that show us how important it is to believe in one's dreams and to try with all your might to move forward, even in the most unfavorable moments and conditions.


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