A Paralympic athlete gets out of his…
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A Paralympic athlete gets out of his wheelchair and saves a kitten in danger and the video goes viral

September 11, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Having a physical disability is certainly not the ideal situation for any individual, but some may say that it is the lack of courage, heart, and altruism that represents a real handicap for a human being.

Everywhere in the world, there are people who love animals, but there are very few of them who would risk their own lives or safety in order to save an animal.

Today's story contains all of this - both overcoming the limitations of a physical disability and the demonstration of love for all forms of life.

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The protagonist of this story and a gesture of extraordinary heroism is Abu Mujtahid, a 30-year-old Paralympic athlete who was out with his friend near the Kota Kinabalu sports center in Malaysia.

Arriving near a sewage and stormwater drain, the two noticed something struggling on the surface of the water. Coming closer, they could see that it was a kitten, stuck in the debris and desperately clinging to the cement edge of the sewage drain.

Abu did not think twice - and he immediately unfastened and took off his prosthetic legs, lowered himself out of his wheelchair, and balancing and maneuvering only with his arms, he reached the edge of the drainage channel.

But, unfortunately, the steep position and the absence of any other points of support made the rescue attempt difficult and very risky for the disabled man himself.

Pagi td masa dalam perjalanan p kompleks sukan likas kami ternampak sekor ank kucing yg terjatu dalam longkang besar sedang berpaut kuat d dinding lokang dengan basah kuyup ntah dari bila lg dia d situ sy pun cuba naik kan kucing tu keatas alhamdulillah kami dpt bantu dia naik :) Ps. Sahabat sy yg merakam video ni juga Seorang oku pengguna kaki palsu dia tidak boleh turun utk slamatkan ank kucing tu jd sy buat kputusan utk turun slamatkan ank kucing tu

Pubblicato da Akhiy Menk su Sabato 10 agosto 2019

Nevertheless, after a few tries, Abu managed to find a way to reach out to grab the kitten and pull it up from the edge. The images of Abu rescuing the kitten were captured by his friend with his smartphone and shared on the Internet.

Fortunately, everything ended well and the little kitten was soon back on its feet after recovering from its frightful ordeal.

In addition, the video soon went viral as it was viewed and shared by countless people who applauded Abu's fearless and compassionate act, which is certainly an inspiring example for everyone.

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