After a kitten almost lost its life…
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After a kitten almost lost its life due to licking a salt lamp, a vet warns us about the possible risks

July 08, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

We must pay close attention to taking care of our pets because we never know what kind of trouble they can get themselves into!

Some dangers are lurking just around the corner, right within the four walls of your house. When Maddie Smith, the owner of an 11-month-old kitten named Ruby, realized that her kitten was not feeling well, she did not immediately realize the serious danger that her kitten was facing.

Fortunately, when Ruby's condition worsened, Maddie did not hesitate to take her kitten immediately to an animal clinic - to be precise, the Rose Avenue Vet Hospital, where the hospital staff revealed the mystery of Ruby's sudden illness.

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When Maddie Smith began to notice something strange in her cat's behavior, she instinctively thought it was because of the weather and the very low temperatures of those days.

During the day, however, Ruby continued to feel sick and get worse as the hours went by, until Maddie, coming home from work, realized the terrible condition that the poor kitten was in! In fact, the kitten could not eat, drink, or walk and, to make matters worse, the kitten also could not see and hear very well. 

At the Rose Avenue Vet Hospital, the tests showed that Ruby was intensely suffering from severe sodium poisoning. Excessive amounts of salt can be extremely dangerous for animals.

In this case, it seems that Ruby had licked a particular lamp made with pink salt from the Himalayas and, as a result, had ingested an enormous amount of sodium.

image: Facebook

Back to normal, Maddie immediately removed the lamp from her house and, thanks to proper medical care and good hydration, her little kitten Ruby was able to recover all her vital functions

Attention! This type of lamps can easily attract your pets but, at the same time, they can be dangerous!

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