They go to a DIY store to build a walker for their son and the sales clerks tell them "Come back in an hour" -
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They go to a DIY store to build a walker…
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They go to a DIY store to build a walker for their son and the sales clerks tell them "Come back in an hour"

July 08, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Logan Moore is a two-year-old boy suffering from muscular hypotonia, a clinical condition that is often associated with diseases that affect the nervous and muscular system, consequently, causing a reduction in muscle tone.

This condition indicates, for little Logan, a certain difficulty even to just simply walk. In fact, he wears special anklets that help him to move his legs, but they are not an adequate solution.

What the child would actually need is a custom-made walker, but his mother and father soon discovered that they could not afford one because their health insurance does not cover the cost.

Fortunately, thanks to the noble gesture of some sales clerks in a do-it-yourself (DIY) home repairs store, this little boy was able to get what he needed.

image: Fox5

Little Logan's parents could not afford a $600 walker, but for their little son, as one can imagine, they were willing to do everything they could. Thus, the young married couple had the brilliant idea of a do-it-yourself (DIY) project!

After watching countless tutorials on Youtube, the family went to Home Depot, the well-known retail chain for home maintenance and do-it-yourself projects, to get the essentials for building a custom-made walker for their little son.

When they arrived at the giant Home Depot store, they headed to the information desk, where they spoke directly with the manager, Cathy Ennsley.

They discovered that the manager of the store also has a daughter with special needs and, after learning about their situation, she proved to be very compassionate and empathetic.

Cathy called some of her colleagues in the plumbing department to meet the Moore family, and after reviewing the plan for the construction of the walker, the employees told the family to go treat themselves to some ice cream and to come back in about an hour. 

When little Logan and his family returned to the Home Depot store, waiting for them was a huge surprise --- and one that they could never have imagined! A custom-made walker, built with special plastic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes! 

For everyone present, it was a unique and thrilling experience to see this two-year-old little boy finally walking!


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