One year of love and care can do wonders!…
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One year of love and care can do wonders! :))

March 04, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

This Japanese guy found a kitten alone and injured by the side of a river, and without thinking twice took the kitten home with him despite the obvious problems that the animal had-- then he filmed everything that happened in the space of a year.

Starting from the fact that the day after he had found the kitten, the aforementioned river was in flood, to the kitten's incredibly close relationship with the other cat that the family already had. So close that the older cat even started to spontaneously produce milk to feed him!

This story about these two lovely animals, from the beginning to the moment the kitten regained the use of its hind legs, is certainly one of the most tender that you will experience. Now we present to you -- Uzu and Nene!

Tags: AnimalsCatsRescues


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