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A bee colony settles on the seat bottom…
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A bee colony settles on the seat bottom of this young man's jeans!

August 28, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Sometimes, nature surprises us in the most unexpected ways. There are some exceedingly rare natural phenomena that no one would hardly believe but which actually do happen.

What happened to this 25-year-old Indian man while he was out walking is proof of this.

For sure, he will not be forgetting this experience any time soon! By the way, are you afraid of insects and more in particular, of bees?

Then, this story may not be for you ... Ok! You have been warned!

via: Metro UK

The young man who is the protagonist of this story is called Velelhu. He is 25 years old and lives in the Nagaland area in India.

It all started when Velelhu and a friend were out walking and a queen bee, by pure chance, landed on the seat bottom of this unsuspecting young man's jeans.

He did not notice this until he was about to get into the car with his friend! Of course, he could not help but get his friend to immortalize this unusual event with his smartphone camera!

What they captured are amazing images of a swarm of bees, surrounding their queen bee, that had in a matter of a few minutes created a bee colony on the seat bottom of Velehu's jeans!

After carefully removing the unwanted residents from the seat bottom of his jeans and putting them inside a glass container, Velelhu closed himself inside his garage to prevent them from returning to "attack" him!

A truly unusual adventure for a human being, but as you know, everything must be done to protect the environment and in particular - bees from extinction ... right?


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