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His dog barks "too much", so the owner…
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His dog barks "too much", so the owner binds its mouth shut with adhesive tape


Animal abuse is still inexplicably frequent these days. Heartless people let their dogs suffer without any shame and without giving them proper care.

How this is possible is still a mystery but, fortunately, in recent years, animal welfare agencies and laws that punish animal cruelty have increased.

The news we bring to you today comes from El Salvador, where there was yet another case of animal abuse, this time involving a puppy that was not even one year old.

via: Facebook

Tenemos hogar temporal, veterinaria, nos hace falta el transporte para rescatar a esta perrita hoy, si pueden ayudarme...

Pubblicato da Rafael Hernández su Lunedì 8 luglio 2019

The female dog, as you can see from the photo, is only a puppy, but she is forced to be silent and to almost total immobility due to the chains and the adhesive tape on her face that binds her muzzle shut.

The owner of the dog was evidently tired of hearing her constantly barking and thus came up with this terrible solution.

Fortunately, this poor dog's situation was witnessed by various passers-by, until someone braver decided to write to Rafael Hernandez, a man known in the neighborhood for his dedication to animals. He himself decided to help the poor dog by spreading the offending image online.

The dog is evidently a puppy full of energy that, of course, needs to vent. But one cannot decide to get a pet dog and then mistreat it if it barks too much!

In any case, thanks to social media networks, Rafael was able to start asking for help from ordinary people, with the hope that someone would be really willing to take care of the dog.

The good news is that the puppy has received visits from the vet and is fine. Furthermore, it seems that a new family willing to adopt it has already been found.

Fortunately, this is a story with a happy ending, but still, it makes us reflect on how much cruelty to animals is still widespread in the world today. We hope that such cases will become increasingly rare.

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