This desperate man offers his house as a reward to anyone who can find his dog! -
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This desperate man offers his house…
The best revenge is indifference! Learn to distance yourself and avoid unnecessary conflicts! Some people love their dogs more than other human beings and a social research study explains why!

This desperate man offers his house as a reward to anyone who can find his dog!


Dogs and cats have now become effective family members, no longer just pets or companions, but real people whose health, well-being, and happiness are taken to heart.

This touching affection is often disputed and seen as an exaggeration, an excess that approaches mental instability.

In spite of everything, however, our four-legged friends for some people are the only ones that matter! And the story we are about to narrate proves this.

via: Fox News

We are in the United States, more precisely in Tucson, Arizona, where Eddie Collins, from the first days of July 2019, starts launching continuous appeals to anyone who manages to find his beloved Jenny, a 2-year-old Chihuahua of which Collins is very fond.

At first, the man said he was willing to pay a cash reward but, given the poor results and his despair, he even went so far as to promise to sell the house in which he lives!

The news immediately caused a sensation, considering the fact that all that Eddie owns is his house, the small piece of land on which it stands, and the workshop next door. Several journalists asked him how could he give up the little that he owns "only" to get his dog back.

Eddie replied, of course, that Jenny is not just a pet! For him, she is the only family that Eddie has and no material possessions can be comparable to the value that this "family" has for him.

Search for the little dog continues and in addition to the hope of getting his dog back, it is hoped that anyone who succeeds in this endeavor will have a big enough heart not to accept the reward!


If and when Jenny returns to her owner, the hope is that to bring her back into his arms is a person with a bit of humanity, who is able to appreciate the unconditional love between this man and his little dog.

We trust that the little Chihuahua returns home safely and that the matter will certainly be resolved with a handshake, perhaps with a cash gift, but certainly not with the loss of all of Eddie's property and assets.

The strength and solidity of the bond that can be created between a person and an animal are incredible. This is a sentiment from which human beings themselves should take an example while trying to build a world of mutual respect and harmony.

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