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"Life is not working all week and then…
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"Life is not working all week and then going shopping on Saturday!" An invitation to reflect on the meaning of life ...


We can believe what we want but, in fact, we have only one life in this world and we must try not to "waste" it.

There are often moments in life when we ​​feel defeated and discouraged and we cannot conceive of a way out --- and when even the minor problems of life seem like insurmountable obstacles.

However, let us remember that living better is always possible. But, it is something that we must truly desire.

In fact, reminding us of this is the well-known Spanish paleoanthropologist Juan Luis Arsuaga in an interview with "El País", where he explained his philosophy in regards to living better, which is to always look for what is beautiful in life.

via: El Pais

"Appreciating beauty is a question of education and sensitivity," asserts Arsuaga, who continuing says: "Look for the beauty in life. There is a lot of beauty around us. There must be something more here. And this something is called culture: music, poetry, nature, beauty. This is what we must appreciate and the things that we must enjoy."

Otherwise, what is the point of life? We cannot spend our days, unique and unrepeatable, feeling bad. To live badly is not to live. We can't work all week just to go shopping on Saturday - this is not life. We must try to demand what is best for us."

Arsuaga has just published a book on the meaning of life, namely, "Life, the Great Story" ("Vida, la Gran Historia") where, starting from the great existential questions, he reconstructs the history of life on Earth. It is natural to feel the need to know the answers to questions such as "where do we come from?".

The well-known paleoanthropologist has confirmed: "This question, which is intrinsic to the human being, is the most important one that any of us can ask. Children born a thousand years from now will also ask this same question."


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