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Whatsapp stops working and a son gets…
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Whatsapp stops working and a son gets the chance to meet his mother again who lives in the same house!


What would we do if all the social media networks suddenly disappeared, if smartphone technology no longer existed and our means of communication changed drastically?

We would go back to how things were a few decades ago, no doubt, but we are not so sure that our lives would be worse.

In fact, on 3 July 2019, several large social networks were victims of a general "blackout" that involved millions of users from all over the world, generating panic but also lots of laughter.

image: Pixabay

The IT "down time" affected the correct display of images and videos from Facebook and Instagram, as well as the audio and video files of the well-known WhatsApp communication app.

During that time there were countless complaints from users all over the world, who could not access the contents of their favorite online platforms with the usual ease.

Obviously, the title and photo of our article are a provocation, but nevertheless, they should make us reflect on the relative scarcity of "concrete" or shall we say, real relationships we have with those around us.

image: Flickr

What would we do in the absence of social media networks? Would we be forced to SPEAK and converse with the people around us?

Episodes like those that occurred on 03 July 2019 could teach us that the chains of technology can be more solid than we think and that maybe, once in a while, it would do us good to look up from a luminous screen and start giving a new value to GENUINE relationships with the real and physically existing people around us.

Because real life starts beyond our smartphones, even if we almost do not even notice it anymore.

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