Is your house untidy? Good! That means that your child will be more intelligent and creative! -
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Is your house untidy? Good! That means…
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Is your house untidy? Good! That means that your child will be more intelligent and creative!


Those with small children know how difficult it is to maintain an orderly house. Toys left in the most unthinkable places, books and color markers everywhere, and that ever-present cluttered drawer.

Many parents have little time for household chores and tidying up the house after a day's work, and experience real anguish when the moment arrives to tidy up the disorder. 

Be calm: Do not worry about the disorder, some studies show that chaos actually helps children to be more stimulated, and therefore be more creative, intelligent, and predisposed to change and innovation.

An untidy house does not mean a dirty house at all, as some are led to believe. In fact, it simply means that as soon as you put things in order, almost immediately things are back to being untidy.  

Having small children makes it inevitable to live with a certain amount of disorder and often, as soon as you finish cleaning, you find yourself stumbling once again over the same toys, building blocks, and other objects.

Constantly pushing yourself to try to control the location and storage of toys, books, and other objects just leads to a good deal of never-ending stress!


The good news is that, according to some studies conducted by the University of Minnesota, it would seem instead that this type of environment is positive for raising children. So much so as to "inspire a break with tradition, that can produce new ideas". 

Moreover, several times, the famous Facebook creator, Mark Zuckerberg's brother has said that his brother lived in an apartment where perennial chaos and disorder reigned.

The disorder would appear, therefore, to foster creativity and innovative thinking, making young “home devastators” little creative geniuses, ready to overcome traditions to explore who knows what boundaries of innovation.


The best compromise for not getting too caught up in the anxiety of always being tidy is to try to give a sense of order to the disorder. Such as? By using these three small steps: 

1) Guide children's activities. Choose objects that children can manipulate and touch, and create a special space where they can choose what to play with so that they focus on that activity or game.

2) Drawing is a good ally to get and keep their attention. Keep children engaged with activities like drawing, watercolors or finger painting -- sure they will get dirty -- but they will all have a great time!

3) Re-discover the old toys they have not played with for a long time. They will seem almost new and your children will soon be busy playing with them again!

So it is good to remember that disorder is not your worst enemy, but anxiety can certainly be, so relax, because after one game at a time everything settles down.


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