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A paralyzed wife leads and guides her…
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A paralyzed wife leads and guides her blind husband ... This is true love!


Perhaps, it is something that not everyone is able to experience or find in life, but when it is there, it certainly represents an added value and whoever has it can consider themselves to be very fortunate

We are talking about true love, the unconditional kind, that manages to overcome even the toughest obstacles and situations.

Diseases, economic difficulties, unexpected events: If two people love each other in an empathic and symbiotic way, they are able to give each other strength and be a partner that can be relied on, come what may.

The story we are about to tell you is a perfect and inspiring example of what we have just said.

Cao Shucai and Xu Houbi are a married Chinese couple living in the village of Yong'an, in the central-eastern part of the country. They are farmers by profession and, unfortunately, life has presented them with challenges that are not easy to overcome. 

Both Cao and Xu, in fact, have been affected by major disabilities. Cao lost his sight in 1988, while his wife, Xu was later paralyzed. 

A situation that is certainly not rosy, which would throw anyone into despair. Losing one's sight or the ability to walk are, in fact, serious problems that totally change one's life, and that no longer allow one to carry out daily activities, especially if they are used for maintaining oneself and work.

The Chinese couple, however, never lost heart, and decided to face the situation by exploiting what was left of their respective physical abilities.

Cao can walk, while Xu is able to see. So here is the loving and practical solution: Cao carries his wife on his back and shoulders, and she guides him through the fields with a stick as if she embodies his eyes.


That's right! With a basket and tools in hand, Cao can continue to work, cultivate, and harvest crops, thanks to his wife who constantly watches over his path and warns him of any obstacles in front of him. 

It is really inspiring to look at the images that show the couple while carrying out their daily farming activities with perfect synchrony and coordination.

Stories of this kind undoubtedly demonstrate that, with tenacity, willpower, and above all love, one can go on even in the darkest moments, finding new goals and reasons for living.

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