The secret to instantly rejuvenate? According to the experts, the answer is being with a man 10 years younger! -
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The secret to instantly rejuvenate?…
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The secret to instantly rejuvenate? According to the experts, the answer is being with a man 10 years younger!


It is said that love knows no age, yet today there is still a widespread moralism that prevents us from going beyond some barriers imposed by society, or at least it tries to shame us a little.

And this is why we find ourselves doubtful at times when we meet someone we feel attracted to who is much younger than us. But what's wrong with that?

In fact, for men, who are older it is nothing new to prefer younger women, but for women, it seems to be different.

However, even in this case, there is nothing wrong or to be ashamed of - love should not be subjected to this kind of limitations.

Indeed, it has been shown that if a woman wants to "stay young" she would do well to have a relationship with a man at least 10 years younger.

via: beyondages

Psychologists and experts say that, at least once in a lifetime, a woman ought to be able to have a relationship with a man much younger than herself.

It is known that men, especially the younger ones, generally feel attracted to more mature women, who despite their age are able to attract younger men more easily thanks also to the experience acquired over the years. 

On the other hand, a man 10 years younger is able to fill the life of an older woman in so many ways - his curiosity for discovering the world, will make you fall in love and discover something new every day.

For you, he will be open and try to amaze you at all times, always looking for new and alternative ways to feed the flame of passion.

Being more like a child, a less mature man will fill the life of an older woman with pure energy, which will make her feel equally young again.

You will do a thousand activities together and slowly you will realize how much self-confidence this person is giving you. Taking part in new activities, going out, having fun, relaxing; your relationship will not be a victim of the usual routine and monotony. 

Intimately, an older woman who chooses to be with a younger man needs to assert herself, and, at the same time, feel gratified. In a younger companion, a woman rediscovers that transgression that ignites the feminine desire and that intense gratification in feeling appreciated again after, perhaps, a disappointing relationship with a peer.


Many Hollywood and show business stars, in general, seem to have eliminated this taboo for some time now. What do you think about it?

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