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A psychologist reveals to us what the…
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A psychologist reveals to us what the "ingredients" of happiness are and let's try to never forget them!


Each of us lives his or her life aspiring to absolute happiness.

Be it in the form of dreams to be realized, emotions to be shared, or goals and objectives to be achieved. We often feel frustrated or inadequate, as it seems we can only chase after it, in the hope of living a life that we can call "happy".

We are convinced that everything depends exclusively on us, and on our choices, but it may not be exactly so.

According to one research study, there is a measurable formula for the weight of the variables that affect our happiness.

Whenever we feel we are the creators of our happiness and we are convinced that everything depends on a concomitant series of efforts and actions that can influence it, we should ask ourselves if it really depends on us.

How much do fate, free will, the environment, and external factors affect the search for and the achievement of happiness?

Psychologist Martin Seligman tells us that he believes that only a part, exactly 40%, of our happiness depends on our inner moods, 50% of happiness is hereditary and linked to genes and family and, only 10% would be linked to external factors (i.e. events that happen).

The formula of happiness, therefore, attributes great value and weight to the family and to the ability to live happily one's life. In essence, the happiness of the parents would affect that of their children.

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Thus, in a certain sense, enthusiasm and zest for life could actually be inherited.

We all know how much better it affects the emotional growth of a child to live in a peaceful environment and in socially pleasant and inviting surroundings.

So much so that some studies regarding the formula of happiness have focused precisely on the weight that the genetic component bears and have identified a link between genes and a person's level of happiness.

Good humor and serenity at home have been confirmed as fundamental to laying the foundations for a happy life. 

Nevertheless, if these circumstances are not as we hope, we always have that 40% chance to affect our own happiness. In that 40%, our personal efforts and our life choices would help us to reach the much sought after objective.

Consequently, changing attitudes, changing everything in our life that does not make us happy or satisfied is therefore possible, but this is not decisive if we do not have a genetically "happy" life path.

In any case, happiness is already within us and is part of us, and for the rest, it is up to us to roll up our sleeves and in our life, day by day, choose to be happy.



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