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A woman accidentally ingests the capsules…
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A woman accidentally ingests the capsules she had bought to poison stray dogs


It is well known that karma can reserve unpleasant surprises, but what happened to a 51-year-old Peruvian lady who wanted to get rid of the stray dogs that hung around her house, is truly a bitter end.

Tired of hearing the stray dogs barking and constantly finding her house surrounded by them, the woman decided to buy some capsules to poison the poor animals.

However, the woman made a serious mistake in a moment of distraction and swallowed the capsules intended for the dogs instead of the medicine for her cough.

via: The Times

A fatal mistake that, unfortunately, cost the woman her life. According to what the local media reported, she had started feeling sick immediately after swallowing the capsules.

After witnessing several episodes of convulsions, the woman's relatives rushed her to the Manuel Núñez Butrón de Puno Hospital in the town of Platerìa, where she arrived near death.

Despite their emergency relief efforts, the doctors could do nothing to save the woman who was then pronounced dead.

Only after the autopsy did the doctors find the remains of the capsules ingested by mistake, thus establishing the cause of the death of the woman, which was until then mysterious.

image: Wikimedia

Karma or not, this tragic accident could have been avoided, according to many people, simply by calling a local animal rescue organization or foundation that helps abandoned animals, instead of taking the initiative herself and trying to solve the problem in such a drastic and cruel way. 

A sad story that reminds us how, very often, in life and in the most unexpected ways, the wheel of karma can turn in the opposite direction.


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