This man was "saved" by a Chihuahua, so he decides to pay her back in the most adorable of ways -
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This man was "saved" by a Chihuahua,…
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This man was "saved" by a Chihuahua, so he decides to pay her back in the most adorable of ways

May 13, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

That love goes beyond all sorts of considerations when it comes to physical aspects is by now a well-recognized fact.

However, love still does not cease to surprise us, especially when it manages to overcome certain rigid convictions that we consider to be fixed.

This is what happened to Bobby Humphreys who is a large, muscled man who loves working out at the gym.

Although Bobby loves dogs, he had always considered himself to be the type who prefers large dogs, which in a certain sense mirrored his own physical features.  

That was until his life was blown to smithereens, along with his once unmovable certainties. 

The turning point in his life, coincided with the abrupt end of his marriage, after 17 years. A break up that shook him deeply, enough to make him even think about putting an end to his existence.
Fortunately, he had a real friend beside him, one of those who, if they see you going down, they grab you and don't let you go, until you get back on your feet! 

And this is what Bobby's friend named Connie did when she helped Bobby get through this dark period in his life. In fact, as Bobby remembers: "She would never have left, no matter what I told her. She had already lost friends and was not willing to lose me too. So, in this way, Connie showed me what true friendship really was. Needless to say, I feel very indebted to her."

Especially considering that soon, without knowing it, she would become the involuntary cause of an important change in Bobby's life - another one, but this time really positive.

In fact, Connie one day asked Bobby to do her a favor and keep her beloved Chihuahua, named Lady, while she was out of town for work. He accepted, but was a little hesitant because he had already met the little dog, who had shown herself to be quite hostile; yet Bobby could never refuse a favor to Connie, his best friend.


But extraordinarily, when Bobby returned home, instead of being confronted by a snarling Lady, he was greeted with affection by the little Chihuahua, who jumped happily on his knees; and since then, it was the beginning of a new, great friendship. 

Connie too, on her return, was surprised by the beautiful new relationship between the two! In fact, as Bobby explained, "Connie swore she had never seen anything like this, this little dog hates everyone. Since then, Lady and I have become inseparable."

For this reason, when then Lady returned home with Connie, Bobby decided to adopt a Chihuahua of his own. And so, Kira became a part of his life, a female Chihuahua that had been a victim of cruel mistreatment. It was Bobby who succeeded in instilling in her new confidence in human beings. 

And Kira was only the first chihuahua to benefit from Bobby's kind and generous heart. In fact, next he adopted two other Chihuahuas that been rescued from difficult conditions - Harley and Quinn -, and then some others, and more just kept arriving, until Bobby founded an animal rescue center, the Big Guy Littles World Sanctuary.

"We save Chihuahuas who have lived horrible lives, abused, starved, and that have physical or mental problems. We give them a new home or treat and cure them before putting them up for adoption" Bobby said.

Thanks to his initiative, more than 30 chihuahuas have been saved, and have later found new owners, carefully chosen by Bobby, who really want to take care of these little dogs that have big hearts. 

From this story, we understand how from a moment of crisis a new life can be born, a life that is wonderful for oneself and for others - you just need to have or surround yourself with the right friends! ;)

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