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A mother wonders why her son asks her…
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A mother wonders why her son asks her to prepare two lunches, but then she understands that one is not for him!

May 09, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

In a world where some people raise barriers and create divisions, often it is children, with their simplicity and their lack of an agenda, who open our eyes to the real priorities of life; and the story that we are about to narrate is proof of that.

The main character is Dylan, a young boy who lives in New Mexico, in the United States, who surprised his mother with a special request, revealing out of the ordinary compassion and generosity.

One day, while she was preparing Dylan's lunch to take to school, his mother Josette Duran heard him ask: "Mom, can you prepare a double lunch for me, today?".

The woman, thinking that the question was odd, naturally, asked him if maybe the food that she usually prepared for his lunch was not enough to satisfy him.

But her young son's answer, both amazed and filled her with pride when he replied, "Actually, it's for another kid. For lunch, he only eats a little fruit, so can you prepare something also for him? I believe he doesn't have any money to buy lunch."

From that day,  the woman began to satisfy her young son's request, preparing a double portion of everything - sandwiches, cookies, and yogurt - which her son shared on a daily basis. 

Of course, after a while, the school staff and the other young boy's mother found out about what was happening and asked Josette to meet with them at the school.

The reality was, in fact, a rather delicate situation because the other student's mother had lost her job, and was struggling to put food on the table. After learning about Josette's gesture, she wanted to pay for the lunches that Josette had prepared for her son, but the latter categorically refused the offer.

This was due to the fact that Josette, herself, had in the past experienced a period of poverty and hard times --- when she even had to sleep in her car! Consequently, she knows very well what it means to be in a difficult situation. 

After the incident, the school launched a series of initiatives to raise money to create a fund that would provide meals for students who are less fortunate. A nice gesture... that was inspired by the simple and wonderful initiative of a young schoolboy!

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