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A little girl destroys over $1200 of…
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A little girl destroys over $1200 of makeup at Sephora and the salesclerks blame the "distracted" mother


Whoever is a parent knows how difficult it is to get around with small children, while attempting to pay fines or fees, making purchases, and at the same time trying not to lose sight of them not even for one second! 

Children are not at fault, being curious is normal; for them, everything is a new discovery, therefore, their desire to explore and touch is understandable.

How much freedom is allowed, however, depends on the context and where the children are, and here is where child training plays a huge role in how children behave in public.

image: Wikimedia

The brilliant demonstration of what can happen when you fail to exercise adequate control over one's offspring was experienced by Brittney Nelson, a mother, and makeup artist in Augusta, Georgia, when together with her little daughter, she was shopping in one of the Sephora chain stores, that specialize in personal care and beauty products, located in her area of residence. 

That day, she was not there in the guise of a professional makeup artist but as a simple customer, in the company of her young daughter.

Strolling through the shopping aisles, she suddenly noticed a woman running out of the store with her daughter, only a few minutes after she had entered.

In the beginning, she did not understand what was happening, but a few feet later she found herself in front of a scene that made her gape.

The entire floor standing makeup sample display had been smeared and damaged beyond repair, completely ruining the makeup samples and making them now completely worthless.

Connecting that image with the woman that she had seen shortly before running with her child, Brittney knew that the author of the crime must have been her little girl, attracted to the display of products, which she probably thought contained colors to play with or playdough. 

Knowing the value of the products, and calculating that also on the floor that there were almost a hundred articles, according to Brittney, the damage could amount to more than 1200 dollars, a figure that is really significant since the cause of this disaster was only a little girl.


Sephora stores are famous for their indulgence towards their customers, in fact, the possibility of testing the products is a practice that is encouraged and has become a store trademark.

However, for everything, there is a limit, and this limit is, in fact, one of civility and respect. Brittney decided to to take a picture of what had happened posting it on social media together with a short post to tell the story.

In a short time, the story went viral and received many comments from other parents who have stigmatized the behavior of this perplexing mother, as she seems somewhat absent-minded and irresponsible.

This article is not meant to be a simple piece of gossip or criticism toward the woman, but rather a reminder to other parents.

Brittney might need to take her little daughter with her often to buy new cosmetic products for her work, but the rules should be made clear, "look but do not touch!" which is part of child training as was mentioned previously. 

In short, the whole issue is just a question of good manners and a little discipline!


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