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He finds two abandoned dogs, but no…
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He finds two abandoned dogs, but no bus transports animals! So he walks 870 miles (1,400 km) to bring them home with him


A journey is a discovery, where one knows the starting point but does not know what will be waiting when one returns!

In fact, during the in-between time, anything can happen, and one comes back home at least a little bit different, and, in the best of cases, with a few more friends – which is one of the most precious benefits of traveling.

This is what happened to a young Chilean, Lucas Giménez, who departed with his backpack ---  and Sol, his girlfriend, and returned with two new loyal friends: two dogs named Pilsen and Serene.

Lucas and Sol departed looking for adventure and they had decided to explore the mountains and their neighboring country, Argentina.

Together, they were eager to discover new horizons, and, behold, on the road, they found some new friends! Two abandoned dogs, who they decided to take with them, naming them Pilsen and Serene.

However, after this happy meeting, a series of unfortunate events occurred to interfere with their trip. First of all – as Lucas's sister, Agustina, reported on social media, the young couple was robbed in Abra Pampa, in the Argentinian province of Jujuy.

When they were finally able to communicate with their families, Sol's father, took a bus from Chile to Jujuy in Argentina, to bring them back.

However, the young couple had not expected that the trip back home with their new four-legged companions would be complicated. In fact, they discovered that no bus companies in Argentina were willing to transport animals. 

But for the young couple,  it was unthinkable to abandon their two traveling companions! So, Lucas told Sol to return home by bus with her father, while he made the return trip on foot -- walking to Mendoza with Pilsen and Serene --- a route that is more than 870 miles (1,400 km) long.


As his sister, Agustina wrote, "My brother has always been this way. We live on a farm and we have many dogs. Lucas is fond of all of them and so he could not leave his new friends." 

Some people offered to give them a ride along the way; among these was Ninos, a woman who took them within a few miles of Tucumàn, and she said, "Lucas told us that he and the dogs were very tired. So we gave them a ride in our car, and we also gave them some water, cookies, and money." She also said that the two dogs were sweet and quiet, and remained crouched on the back seat during the trip, without barking or getting agitated.

Thanks, also to the help of some other good people they met along the way, Lucas, Pilsen, and Serena are now finally back home, where they were able to embrace again, Sol who is now also very happy after waiting anxiously for them. 

This is a story with a happy ending from which to take some inspiration --- because when one goes on vacation, not only does one not abandon one's dogs, but one should also be willing to welcome some new four-legged friends if necessary.

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