Anyone who is bothered by the joy of others is a deeply dissatisfied person -
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Anyone who is bothered by the joy of…
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Anyone who is bothered by the joy of others is a deeply dissatisfied person


It is sometimes said that happiness is contagious, but there are exceptions.

In fact, people who are often unhappy may not be infected so easily by our joy, which could instead have the opposite effect on them.

Who has not happened to receive strange looks or sarcastic comments maybe because you were expressing a bit of happiness without any particular reasons?

Positive energy can indeed trigger negativity. It seems a paradox but it is not because all too often unhappy people get angry with those who are happy. 

Here is why such social dynamics can occur.

image: Pixabay

Happiness is, in other words, a distant memory for those who are not currently experiencing it. And being in contact with those who are happy and in harmony with life can be really difficult. 

For this reason, we tend to minimize the success of the other person if we are unhappy, not responding with enthusiasm and not participating in their satisfaction and joy. 

Being envious of the happiness of others, having a perennial feeling of dejection, and cultivating blame, constant anger, and misery. These and many others are reasons why unhappy people can be irritated by our joy and happiness.

Be careful not to let yourself get infected, though. Snide remarks, nasty looks, half-answers, and forced smiles --- are all different ways that this negative energy can manifest itself and spread quickly, taking away the possibility of enjoying a well-deserved happy moment.


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