He finds an abandoned kitten and decides to keep it with him and their travel photos together are wonderful to see!

by Shirley Marie Bradby

April 29, 2019

He finds an abandoned kitten and decides to keep it with him and their travel photos together are wonderful to see!

Sometimes the most beautiful stories in life are those that happen to us in the most unexpected and surprising ways!

Besides, who knows if, along the unpredictable path of our existential development, we might not even find some four-legged traveling companions in search of affection and a welcoming family.

This is what happened to Dean Nicholson, a globetrotter traveling around the world on his bicycle, whose solitary life was positively changed when he crossed paths with an abandoned kitten.

via Daily Mail


Dean Nicholson began his journey around the world in the company of his bicycle, in September 2018, starting from his hometown of Dunbar, in Scotland.

From there, he took a ferry boat to Amsterdam, and by bicycle traveled through Belgium, Greece, Switzerland, and Italy, then took another ferry boat to Croatia before landing in Bosnia.

And that was where Dean came across a tiny kitten, alone, and hungry.


Since the little kitten was visibly malnourished but might also have been ill, Dean promptly took the little kitten to the nearest veterinarian, where it immediately received the necessary treatment.

After nourishing the kitten (a female) with food and water, Dean decided to keep her and gave her the nice name of Nala. From that moment on, the kitten has been Dean's constant and faithful companion during his globetrotting journey.

One of the most tender gestures of trust that the kitten Nala shows towards Dean is when she climbs up on his bicycle and sits comfortably in her special cat box during her new and loving owner's trips around the world.

But Dean must be careful and watch out for bumps and pebbles in the road because in that case, Nala gets frightened, and quickly climbs up on Dean's shoulder!

So far, Dean and Nala have traveled together in Albania, Greece, and Montenegro, but we are sure that this will be only one of the chapters in the continuing and exciting adventures they will share together.  

What do you think of this beautiful story of friendship that has been established between this globetrotting cyclist and the tender abandoned kitten?