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Humiliating others does not make you…
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Humiliating others does not make you stronger, just more miserable!

April 23, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Not everyone can make a difference in the existence of others. In fact, there are few people who have the courage and the will to actively try to improve the condition of those around them with their small or large gestures of humanity.

To carry out these acts of altruism, an inner push is needed, it is not a duty, but it is a personal desire to continue on one's own path while also letting others travel theirs in a natural way.

However, there are those in the world who do not know how to "live and let live".

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These individuals are able to move forward in life only if someone else is left behind, and to accomplish this they use all the means, material or psychological at their disposal.

If they are people who lead unsatisfactory lives, rather than trying to improve their own life they prefer to work to make the lives of others worse. When, instead, they are lucky enough to live a privileged existence, they are unable to derive sufficient fulfillment from it without having someone to ridicule, to highlight someone's deficiencies, misfortunes, faults, weaknesses, errors, and defects.

Humiliation is their favorite weapon, they use it every day to eclipse and mortify all those that happen to be in contact with them, in relationships as well as in work. When they have a modicum of power and authority, they abuse it to ensure that others remain confined to their disadvantaged status.

They can also be in a very good economic situation or have achieved important goals in life, but nothing is ever enough because they basically suffer from enormous inferiority complexes and know no other way of elevating themselves than using other people as stepping stones. All the arrogance, pride, and conceit that is flaunted is only the façade of profound unhappiness.

Unfortunately, for these people there is no cure, indeed the only relief for them is raging at those who are weaker or to weaken others and then become enraged with them.

image: Fox 2000 Pictures - Dune Entertainment

However, humiliating others is never a wise investment, because it means not having the gift of foresight.

Sooner or later all the poison that has been spread and all the malice that has been handed out so freely will return to the sender as guaranteed by karma, i.e. the implacable law of "cause and effect".

Tomorrow one harvests what is sown today, it is inevitable. Therefore, to live using humiliation to derive pleasure and gratification condemns a person to an end that will be marked by misery and loneliness.

A good life, however, must not be conducted either out of fear or for profit, it must only be the genuine expression of a kind soul, a reflection of a life conducted with respect and humanity.


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