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A couple of cats ask their human neighbors…
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A couple of cats ask their human neighbors to let them into their house so they can give birth to their kittens in the heat

November 30, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Not everyone loves cats madly, yet those who adore them know perfectly well that they are the perfect four-legged friends to provide little company at home. It's not true that they are indifferent, cold or distant from their human masters (they are certainly very different in attitude from a dog), they can instead give unexpected affection. One thing Gianna and Rob know very well, a couple from New York who witnessed a very special scene during the summer ...

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Gianna and Rob had immediately made friends with a pair of kittens who always came to visit them; one black in color, the other orange. They were a couple made up of a boy kitten and a girl kitten, so cute together that the two guys from New York eventually fell in love with them and gave them names: Miso for the boy, Suki for the girl.

Every night they went back to visit Gianna and Rob to eat, until they got used to their new unofficial masters, spending the day in their garden or snuggling at the door.

Everything seemed to be going well, until one day they noticed that the two cats were persistently trying to open the door to come in and Suki looked much bigger than usual: maybe she was pregnant? Gianna and Rob didn't think twice and decided to create small cardboard beds for both cats and let them come in the house, to wait for a visit from the vet.

And the medical examination confirmed what the couple suspected: Suki was pregnant!


One of the following evenings, Gianna and Rob returned home and saw that finally the miracle of life had materialized: Suki had given birth to seven kittens and was nursing them as best she could. Next to her was her feline "partner" Miso, who was always present, never for any reason leaving his partner alone with her kittens.

At first it seemed that all the kittens were black in color, but after a few days Gianna and Rob noticed that some of them had orange streaks: most likely Miso was their dad!


Of course, Gianna and Rob couldn't help but keep that beautiful bunch of kittens with them, now that they've decided to be their adoptive parents and become one big happy family!

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