The house catches on fire with their baby inside and their pet pit bull dog drags her out of bed pulling her by her diaper -
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The house catches on fire with their…
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The house catches on fire with their baby inside and their pet pit bull dog drags her out of bed pulling her by her diaper

April 20, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Dogs are probably man's best friend, among all pets; yet, despite the proverbial loyalty and affection that they inspire and transmit, even in their case distinctions are often made, first of all, between breeds. 

In particular, pit bulls are considered to be difficult dogs, with an aggressive temperament, and for this reason, they are not recommended especially for families with young children.

However, in reality, like all dogs, pit bulls also have a heart of gold, as shown by the story of Sasha, a dog that became the hero of the day!

via: KCRA News
image: Yahoo

Sasha is a young pit bull, only eight months old, who in his short life has already earned a great reputation - perhaps hoping it will also serve to redeem that of his fellow pit bulls.

Case in point, he saved the life of Masailah, a little 7-month-old baby girl, practically his same age, but above all, a friend. Sasha and the baby grew up together, often sleeping in the same cot, and sometimes taking a bath together.

But no one would have ever suspected how important this friendship would be for both of their lives, until that fateful night.

image: KARE11

It was midnight when Chai, Sasha's owner and the mother of the baby girl, was awakened by her pit bull, scratching loudly on her bedroom door.

Chai didn't immediately understand that what Sasha was trying to communicate to her was of vital importance until she decided to get out of bed. And it was then that she saw that the apartment next door was on fire.

Chai immediately ran to rescue Masailah, but, once in the baby's room, she saw that Sasha had preceded her, and had already dragged the baby out of her cot bed, pulling her by her diaper!

image: KCRA

Fortunately, Chai managed to get all her family out of the house and call 911. The firefighters then succeeded in confining the fire, saving much of the building, but not Chai's apartment, which was completely destroyed.

So, for now, Chai and her family live in the house of one of their neighbors, but what matters is that they are all safe and sound - also thanks to their pit bull dog Sasha, as Chai has narrated in this video.

It doesn't matter what breed your dog is, but how it is treated. If you love it as a member of your family, be assured that this affection will be reciprocated, and returned to you in ways you cannot even imagine - and that could even save your life.

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