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A grandmother escapes from a nursing…
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A grandmother escapes from a nursing home to get a tattoo with her granddaughter

April 18, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

If for some elderly people living in a quiet retirement home is a real paradise, for others, with a more exuberant character, it is difficult to get used to the daily routine and the lack of novelty.

So it can happen that a resident decides to escape for a few hours in search of a different experience than usual.

This is what happened to the amazingly spry Sadie Sellers, who at the age of 79 managed to escape from the nursing home where she lived to satisfy a rather particular caprice; with the complicity of her granddaughter!

It all started when her granddaughter Samantha, who visited her often, had told her about the widespread fashion of getting a tattoo.

The girl had told her about how tattooing has now become a common practice. Indeed, it is a real art form with a thousand different facets.

Evidently, Sadie must have been fascinated by those stories, and a particular idea started to percolate in her mind! Why not get a tattoo herself?

So on a day in July, her son Tony entered her room at the nursing home and surprisingly found it empty. But, he thought that maybe his mother was in the common room or the bathroom, but there was no trace of her, so everyone began to worry.

Fortunately, a staff member at the nursing home confessed to seeing the elderly woman in the company of her granddaughter Samantha and when they reached Samantha by phone, she reassured everyone that her grandmother was with her. 

Her son joined them shortly thereafter and was certainly not a little surprised to see that his mother, with the complicity of her granddaughter, had just had a small heart tattooed on her left shoulder, as a symbol of the love that Sadie and Samantha felt for each other. Convinced that relatives would try to dissuade her, Sadie had opted for a quick solution ... and in total secrecy. 

"When you reach my age, you have to live life to the fullest every day," said grandma Sadie. And we can only agree with her -- life is too short to live without a little spark of madness!

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