The tranquility of having nothing to hide is a priceless gift! -
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The tranquility of having nothing to…
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The tranquility of having nothing to hide is a priceless gift!

April 11, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Few people in the world possess the exceptional capacity to be completely honest, managing to always be sincere in any and all contexts, both with themselves and with others.

However, when you have nothing to hide, when you can live and act with honesty and consistency, and respect your values, then you are leading a full, enlightened, and healthy life.

Of course, living this way is much easier said than done, but the desire and the attempt to try to reach this state of grace is priceless.

image: Unsplash

Every individual who lives in society with other human beings is almost forced daily to lie. In most cases, these are small lies of circumstance, told so as not to offend or to worry someone, but they are still lies. Piece by piece a fence is built that can end up imprisoning one's true integrity, the natural and spontaneous one of childhood, the one that knows no filters and always wants to call things by their name. 

When it comes to "white lies", i.e., those that serve to make life sweeter and more bearable, those can be allowed, but overdoing it is not healthy. In fact, you may come to realize that you live in constant contradiction to your principles, allowing injustices and inconsistencies to condition your life even further. 

Not having the courage, to tell the truth when you need to do it, constantly telling stories to others, and deceiving yourself can damage your health and inflict very hard blows on your self-esteem. Moreover, it is also true that honesty is not just one-way, it must also be accepted by others and endured when it is returned.

image: Unsplash

On balance, always being sincere is really complex but continually falsifying one's own reality, in the long run, is much more exhausting. 

The price to pay can be having to distance oneself from those who cannot accept what one really thinks in one's heart, but in the end, it is a natural selection, and it is something that will be largely rewarded in the future.

In fact, the result of a more limpid and transparent life is greater serenity and a deep inner calm, because the lack of skeletons in one's closet makes one stronger and more confident.

This process can be long, like a sort of "detoxification", but in the end, it will certainly be worth it.


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