Breast milk ice cream! The best remedy to calm the aches and pains of teething babies! -
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Breast milk ice cream! The best remedy…
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Breast milk ice cream! The best remedy to calm the aches and pains of teething babies!

April 12, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The entire scientific community agrees in affirming and promoting the value of breastfeeding for the psychophysical development of babies.

Furthermore, contrary to what is claimed by some sources, this practice is also very healthy for the mother.

In addition to this, it is known that every baby has to face varying degrees of discomfort during the teething period.

Consequently, here is the practical idea of a mother who solves the problem by exploiting the benefits and properties of breast milk.

The brilliant and creative protagonist of the original solution is Tasia Blackwell, who thought of using her breast milk to make "100% organic" ice cream to relieve her baby son's teething aches and pains.

Every baby between 6 and 8 months of age experiences unpleasant sensations such as pain in their gums, swelling, excessive salivation, and redness.

The remedies or prescriptions recommended to reduce crying, irritability, and difficulty falling asleep are usually localized gum massages with special creams or ice, light drugs, and teething toys to bite or suck.

As much as one tries to provide some relief, it is a natural and physiological process that cannot be avoided.

Consequently, Tasia thought of combining the soothing properties of cold temperatures with the nutritional properties of breast milk, which is a natural, healthy, and absolutely digestible element.

In practice, all that needs to be done is to pour the extracted breast milk into properly washed and sterilized ice cream forms.

Next, just wait for the contents to freeze and then allow the baby to suck on the ice cream form! The baby will surely appreciate the taste, and experience less aches and pains thanks to the cold applied directly to the baby's gums.


This ingenious "prescription" was published on social networks and went viral resulting in many shares from other mothers. Tasia's clever idea is the ideal solution from various points of view.

First, it is totally safe because the main ingredient is the baby's own mother's breast milk, secondly, you avoid other remedies such as artificial toys or medicines that could also have harmful side effects or trigger allergies.

In conclusion, this story illustrates how sometimes, it takes very little to find the most effective cure or solution, by just using a little imagination and thinking about a problem in the way that only a mother can!

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