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18 tips for everyday situations that…
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18 tips for everyday situations that every parent should keep in mind

December 30, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Raising a child is a wonderful and satisfying task, but it is certainly not easy.

From the economic point of view, a child weighs heavily on the family budget, not to mention the continuous effort required to prevent children from hurting themselves or getting into trouble (something in which children, especially small children, are real experts).

To help all new parents (but also grandparents, uncles, friends or babysitters), we have collected 18 tips that will make your day easier, with an eye to safety and the other to your wallet. Remember to keep these tips in mind!

1. Turn an old children's bed into a desk and add a coat of "blackboard" paint to let fantasy run free!

2. How to convince small children to drink medicines or other unpleasant substances

image: bsurfn2day

3. Do not give up your passions (even if it is hard rock/metal concerts!), but always protect the little ones.

image: Decestor

4. Convincing children to keep their games and toys in order is not easy, but interesting tricks can be found.

image: Sarah

5. Balsam and dishwashing soap can give new life to Barbie's tangled hair.

image: Tricia

6. Are your children afraid of the dark or imaginary creatures? Here is an effective anti-monster spray! (It contains water and a few drops of essential oil ...)

7. Explain to your children what time is and how it should be managed. Here's how!

image: Sconosciuto

8. Desserts and candy must be an exception, and not the rule. Here is how to keep them out of the reach of children and "transform" them into less attractive food!

image: Sconosciuto

9. An intuitive and infallible tip for putting shoes ... on the right foot!


10. Do you have a large cardboard box at home? Do not throw it away! It can be a way to give vent to your child's creativity ... without having to clean up!

11. Here's how to eat ice cream without dirtying floors and furniture.

image: Sconosciuto

12. Is traveling in the car a pretext to fight and squabble? Problem solved...

image: Jake White

13. How to make a day at the beach more comfortable, safe, and relaxing (for everyone!)

image: Team Johnson

14. Spending an afternoon in the garden? Just provide a brush, a bucket of water and ... they can start "painting" the fence!

image: macshona

15. Sweeping the floor is certainly easier if you turn it into a game!

image: Sconosciuto

16. A glove can help a lot to calm a child (fill it with anything that can make it as heavy as a hand)

17. If you have lost an object at home, try organizing a nice treasure hunt! Nobody like children knows how to find hiding places ...

image: ruby1508

18. Floating pool tubes (available in sporting goods stores) are useful for making many environments safer and more colorful.

image: BobbyDOL

Do you find these tricks helpful in facilitating the life of parents? If you do, then show them to all your friends who have a child ... they will be grateful!

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