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He was in a coma, but his dog's bark…
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He was in a coma, but his dog's bark made him wake up and today his dog is his "guardian angel"


For many people, their dog becomes a member of their family in all respects.

How could it not be so since dogs often fill our hearts and our homes with love and happiness, showing us gratitude for the care we give them? 

A small dog, named Teddy was also considered to be like a son to the Szaszs, a married couple with no children, but even they never would have imagined that one day their little dog, Teddy, would be the one to save his owner's life.

image: NC

Andy Szazs arrived at the hospital with severe pneumonia and his treatment proved immediately to be very problematic, given the interference of the drugs with the therapy that Andy was taking for bowel cancer. 

His health conditions worsened and eventually he fell into a coma. His wife stood by his side trying to talk to him and entertain him by making conversation, just as his doctors had advised her to do. But, then it occurred to his wife to do something that Andy would surely enjoy. 

She asked his doctors if she could bring their little dog Teddy to the hospital and the doctors agreed, given the man's very serious condition.

image: Southampton Hospital Charity UK

It was when little Teddy saw Andy on the hospital bed that the unimaginable happened! Due to Teddy's excitement at finally seeing his owner again after so long, the little dog started barking uncontrollably. And it was precisely those barks that made Andy wake up from the state of coma, he had been in before Teddy had arrived. 

Probably, there was nothing that could make him happier than a visit from his furry four-legged friend. And now Andy cannot stop telling everyone that his little dog Teddy, saved his life and this is quite possibly true!

To be honest, we cannot know what the end of this story would have been if Teddy had not come to the hospital, but we can certainly reflect on the magnificent effect that little Teddy's presence had on Andy. 

Today, Teddy is part of the hospital staff where Andy was hospitalized. In fact, little Teddy is now a "therapy dog" and he accompanies patients on their physical and psychological rehabilitation journey back to health, just like he did with his owner after waking him up from his coma. 

Dogs are not just pets, they can make our hearts vibrate with love and remind us of how beautiful life is!


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