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A grandmother had her grandson's name…
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A grandmother had her grandson's name changed while her daughter-in-law was hospitalized after a cesarean section


In the worldthere are species made to be natural enemies like the dog and the cat, the cobra and the mongoose, and the daughter-in-law and the mother-in-law.

Jokes apart, however, it is true that the relationship between the latter two has always been among the most difficult and conflicting, due to one of them, or the other, or both!

The episode that we are going to tell you about is the proof of how difficult it is for two women like these two individuals, to get along, and who managed to turn a happy event into a bone of contention.

It happened in the United States where a woman, two months after giving birth to her first child, discovered that her mother-in-law had had the name of her unborn child changed without telling her. It all happened while she was still hospitalized to recover from a cesarean section. The originally disputed name was to be "Finley", but it was transformed into "Finlay". 

The material author of the crime was the new mother's husband, who had been artfully manipulated by his mother and convinced to correct his son's middle name because it sounded too "feminine". Everything came to light when the "beloved" mother-in-law sent a Christmas present to her grandson with a card addressed to "Finlay". At first, it was thought to be a spelling error, but then the daughter-in-law's suspicion started to creep in. 

The daughter-in-law also tried to ask for explanations from her husband but given his confused and mortified reaction, she preferred to check for herself. Unfortunately, after checking the birth certificate, her worst fears were confirmed, that is to say, that her baby boy's name had been registered with the "incorrect" spelling. 

Therefore, the affectionate Christmas gift and card were, in reality, a little dig for the daughter-in-law, as if to underline the mother-in-law's small victory for having successfully convinced her son to change the name of her grandson against her daughter-in-law's will.

image: pixabay

The story was told directly by the victim of the incident who expressed her displeasure and frustration, not only for her mother-in-law's invasive behavior but also for her husband's lack of character.

To outsiders, it might seem to be "a storm in a teacup", with the spelling being changed only with an "a" instead of an "e".

However, the daughter-in-law being the mother of the child has made it a matter of principle. For her, what her mother-in-law did was an unpleasant interference as well as a premeditated plan. 

How would you react in a similar situation?


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