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A person without a heart threw a kitten…
The way this puppy thanks this woman for adopting it moves us more than a thousand words This woman has been pregnant for a total of over 15 years and she has just given birth to her 21st child

A person without a heart threw a kitten in the garbage, but this little dog adopted it


An act of cruelty by a person without a heart towards the smallest and most defenseless of creatures has been lovingly compensated by an act of love from a very sweet dog that has offered care and affection to a kitten abandoned in a garbage dumpster. 

The unexpected gesture of altruism and love of this four-legged friend happened in Greece, and the images of this new and singular friendship between a mother dog and a baby kitten have moved social media and the entire Internet. Here is what happened.

The protagonist of our story is Georgia Spathoula, while the woman was taking out the garbage from her house in Greece to the garbage dumpster in front of her house, she found herself facing a heartbreaking scene. Fortunately, she knew who she could turn to for help. 

Georgia wrote on her Facebook profile: "This morning I went to throw away the garbage like I do every day. When I opened the container, I saw a kitten tied to a bag meowing desperately for help because of some brainless people who had left it there to die."

Georgia took the kitten out of the garbage dumpster and a neighbor's dog that had just given birth to its own puppy litter altruistically allowed the little kitten to breastfeed. 

Georgia said: "When I took the kitten to the neighbor's dog that had just given birth, she was willing to breastfeed the kitten. Fortunately, nature has confirmed to us that animals are much kinder than humans." 

This is not the first time that a mother dog has opened her heart to an orphaned newborn belonging to another species. In fact, we have seen it many times in the past. But every new story confirms this and offers us a lesson regarding the compassion and goodness of animals, something that we humans too often are found to be lacking.

Σήμερα το πρωί κατέβηκα να πετάξω τα σκουπίδια στον κάδο όπως κάνω κάθε ημέρα.Όταν άνοιξα τον κάδο αντίκρυσα ένα μικρό γατάκι δεμένο μέσα σε μία σακούλα να νιαουρίζει και να ζητάει απεγνωσμένα βοήθεια εξαιτίας κάποιου ανεγκέφαλου που το είχε εγκαταλείψει για να βρεί τραγικό θάνατο.Όταν το έβγαλα η σκυλίτσα της γειτονιάς μας που τυγχάνει να έχει γεννήσει πρόσφατα ήταν πρόθυμη να θηλάσει το μικρό γατάκι.Ευτυχώς η φύση έχει μεριμνήσει ώστε τα ζώα να είναι πιο τρυφερά απο τους ανθρώπους..!!!

Pubblicato da Georgia Spathoula su Martedì 25 luglio 2017

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