A supermarket decides to eliminate all…
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A supermarket decides to eliminate all foreign products from its shelves, to protest against racism

March 25, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

How many times have we not understood the true value of something until it was gone? 

Thus, it may happen that we do not realize how globalized the reality is in which were are living, how there are no longer insurmountable borders, and above all how important it is to have the opportunity to live in a diversified way if we choose to do so.

The German supermarket chain Edeka, like most people, are against racism, and in an effort to support this sentiment they used a ploy to show what would happen if everyone "went back to where they came from". Here is what the supermarket did. 

On a day like any other, supermarket customers came in to shop, but they did not find some of the usual products on the shelves.

Many of the supermarket shelves were completely empty, but not because the products and goods were sold out. 

After a closer look, it could be noted that all the products of foreign origin, which the customers at the supermarket chain made daily use of, were missing.

No tomatoes from Spain, no French cheese, and no Italian wine.

The customers at the supermarket needed very little to understand how important globalization is today, which allows for the worldwide distribution of products, ideas, technologies ... The staff also added ironic signs with the words, "This shelf is really boring without variety", or "Today our offer is very limited". 

The message that Edeka wanted to send is clear: Accepting and appreciating variety is one of the ways we can guarantee the diversity of products that our customers have always appreciated. We defend diversity. 

In general, the initiative was appreciated and it made clear that obviously, racism or prejudice are largely unsupported by most people.

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