A Taurus is a living polygraph machine!…
A cat travels 12 miles to return to his owners, but then they ask to have him euthanized! In this image, besides a frog, a horse is hidden. Can you find it?

A Taurus is a living polygraph machine! Do not try to tell a Taurus any nonsense!

March 27, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Taurus is the most honest and loyal sign of the whole zodiac, concrete and faithful, and never lies; let alone cheats or betrays others.

Those who choose to be with a person born under this zodiac sign have a titanic task ahead of them, but it is still definitely worth fighting for to keep them close.

Dealing with emotion is Taurus' weak point because often it is very difficult for them to express their feelings, constantly struggling with their inner self, but in reality, they love those who are close to them with all their heart.

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Taurus moves firmly and securely forward as a someone who always wears a solid armor, not so much to protect themself from the outside but rather to hide and control what they feel inside. In love, Taurus puts their body and soul on the line, and when they are seeing someone, they never do it as a pastime but for a real and profound interest in the other person. 

Taurus attention to detail is matched only by their respect for their partner so that one can trust a Taurus and open up completely in intimacy, without fear of being hurt. For a Taurus, the facts count much more than words, and they demonstrated this in the first person with so many small daily gestures that reveal all their true affection.

Those born under this sign are real lie detectors, they understand when someone is lying to them and they themselves cannot tell lies. Rather than just telling someone what they would like to hear, they prefer to practice sincerity, although it can hurt and is not pleasant to accept.

The mind of these individuals never rests and is constantly in turmoil. They can wake up at night agitated because they never stop thinking and find it hard to relax. They have difficulty sharing what makes them feel bad, so when they decide to do it, listen carefully.

image: Maxpixel

The character of a Taurus is rather strong and predominant and especially in relationships, they tend to override their partner almost unconsciously. Therefore, such a personality does not get along very well with an equally strong one, but it can get along well with those who are more accommodating and do not compete with them. The individuals most compatible with this zodiac sign are those who know how to stand by whispering in their ear, helping, and pushing Taurus to be a better person. 

If someone points out a defect they are extremely touchy, but if you speak to them diplomatically and help them understand an error, they immediately get to work to become the ideal companion.


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