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Here is why women who suffer from anxiety…
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Here is why women who suffer from anxiety are stronger than you think

April 02, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Every day, in the world, many people find themselves having to fight with their anxiety disorders, conditions that are difficult to manage, and sometimes even disabling.

From a report by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, it has been stated that women are the most affected by this type of problem.

At the same time, however, it is these women who suffer from anxiety who develop greater resilience and demonstrate an ability to react positively, in spite of everything, and here are the reasons.

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  • They are understanding with those who do not understand them. Anyone who has not experienced at least once what it means to feel anxiety or have a panic attack will never really understand. From morning to evening these women must deal with such skeptical people who belittle the problem, but nevertheless, they remain kind and empathetic. 
  • They put themselves on the line. It would be more convenient to shut oneself up in the house and remain in one's comfort zone to feel safe and protected from everything. Instead, these women prefer to look their anxiety in the face, to challenge it, to leave their house and live a full and normal existence like any other person. 
  • They are always available to others. Although their anxiety problem obliges them to focus on themselves, nevertheless, they find the time and a way to dedicate themselves to others, to listen to the problems of others and to be present when needed. Anxiety can make a person selfish so showing selflessness is a real test of strength.
  •  They reject the role of victim. Anxiety often makes a person feel helpless and powerless, but rather than being overwhelmed by fears these women choose to face them every minute of every day. They choose to control their own destiny and not to be influenced by anything, not even by themselves. 
  • They have a warrior spirit. Women who suffer from anxiety never let their frailty define them as people but rather make their strength to resist it, a positive result. They fight a real inner battle every day and never give up.
image: pexels

The list could go on for a long time because these women continuously discover qualities that they did not think they had, managing to amaze others, and above all themselves.

They know how to forgive and never judge; however, they are very often reluctant to enter into relationships, but only because they consider themselves indesirable due to carrying too much personal and emotional baggage that they do not want to unload on the shoulders of a partner.

Therefore, although anxiety hinders them, it also puts them in contact with the most intimate part of their emotions, making them complex people, full of willpower and irony.

They have a mind and a heart that never stops evolving, so it is hard to keep up with them. Anxiety is like a gray cloud over their heads but they have learned to dance in the rain.


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