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Every day this 94-year-old man stops…
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Every day this 94-year-old man stops to joke with school children and give them life advice and now he is their mascot

March 15, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Every mother must learn to live with a certain amount of worry, which can sometimes lead to anxiety.

In fact, the more children grow up and expand their spaces of autonomy, the less they are subject to maternal protection, as they immerse themselves more and more in a varied and complex world, full of pitfalls, and dangers. 

So, it is normal that sometimes, mothers can see threats even where there are none. And this is what happened to Gina Arnold, an American mother when she discovered that her fifteen-year-old daughter was talking to a 94-year-old man every day on her way to school.

Audrey Arnold is a girl like many others, but she has an unusual habit. Every day, before going to school, she stops in the street to talk with a 94-year old man.

For this reason, every morning, she insisted that her mother drop her off some distance from the school. When her mother found out why she was rightly afraid for her daughter! What would a man of that age want from a young girl?

Audrey, however, explained to her mother that there was no reason to worry. The elderly man, in question, was Mr. Knuckles! This is the nickname that he has earned among the young students due to his way characteristic way of greeting them every morning with a "fist bump".


The elderly man, known to the world as Wally Richardson, stops in front of the Marina Village school located in  Dorado Hills in California to say good morning to the students, to advise them, and encourage them.

Given his venerable age, Wally can boast about some of his real-life experiences. In fact, he fought in the US Navy during the Second World War, then later he was called to do his part also in the Korean War, as an Air Force pilot, and for the rest of his life until he retired, he worked as a pilot for United Airlines. 

Now, he has decided to continue to offer his contribution to society by giving life lesson advice to young people; and it is evidently a role that he performs very well, given how much the young people appreciate him.

Wally teaches them things that are not learned directly from books such as respect, tolerance, and above all kindness towards others; which are all behaviors that are inexhaustible sources of wisdom.

Previously, sometimes his wife accompanied him, but now she has problems walking and so Wally goes alone, determined to continue to pass on his teachings to young people.


Intrigued by her daughter's story, Gina, consequently, decided to meet Mr. Knuckles. She found him surrounded by young people, intent on listening to him and so she filmed him to document his activities. 

"This is the type of support and love that young people need", says Gina. "This elderly man stops every day at the school entrance and gives encouragement and advice to all the students who come to greet him."


Cheryl Olson, the principal of the high school, also thinks that Wally has a positive influence on the students, and, in agreement with the teachers, she decided to have a mural dedicated to Mr. Knuckles created at the school. 

Mr. Wally "Knuckles" Richardson's initiative is certainly commendable, and it is the worthy conclusion of a life spent in the service of his country, and he will always be remembered by the young people who will benefit from his pearls of life wisdom.


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