There is a big difference between falling in love with someone and truly loving them -
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There is a big difference between falling…
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There is a big difference between falling in love with someone and truly loving them


There is nothing that can be done about it! In fact, when it comes to feelings and emotions, human beings are a real puzzle. What does it mean to fall in love and what does it mean to love someone? Is there a difference? Apparently, yes.

In fact, to be able to say that you truly love someone requires time because it is a process of mutual growth in which two people face, together, both the beautiful and the ugly aspects of life, and they always overcome them together.

There are several signs or indicators that can help us to understand if what we are experiencing is love with a capital "A" or if we are only in love. Here is a sort of true love "identikit".

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You can easily confuse love with falling in love because to fall in love, physical attraction can often be enough but to love and be loved one must know how to sustain, encourage, and inspire one another, seeing in the other's faults an opportunity to improve oneself. As a matter of fact, there are various indicators that help us to clarify the sentiments that we feel for a person, and to know if we have only fallen in love with them or if we truly love them. 

  • The other person comes before you. When you truly love, then that person comes first, even before ourselves. To love means to put the happiness of the other person ahead of one's own and to do everything we can to make their life better. 
  • If you love someone you also know how to let them go. It is normal to want to spend all one's life with the person one loves, but this is different from trying to imprison them and keep them in a relationship against their will. To love someone also means having the strength and the courage to let them go if that is what they want. The happiness of the person one loves will be so important that one prefers to sacrifice one's own happiness, for the good of the other person.
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  • To love is an "infinite verb". In life, many relationships can be formed, some important, others less so. When there is true love between two people, their relationship manages to stand the challenges of time and space, overcoming all the trials and obstacles along the way. Whoever truly loves us and whoever we truly love is part of us, forever. 
  • To love is a choice. While falling in love may be involuntary, to truly love someone means being aware of all the efforts and sacrifices that must be made, but nevertheless deciding to fight for that relationship. 
  • There is no longer the concept of "mine" and "yours". Marrying or being together with someone means becoming richer, stronger, in one word "better". To love means sharing not only things, but also emotions, dreams, thoughts, joy, and sadness, ceasing to be only one half and finally becoming complete. 

Love is a path of continuous evolution in which it is normal to make mistakes, but these also serve to understand and know each other better. In fact, when love is sincere and profound, the risk of missing the objective is not there, because it will always be the heart to guide us towards our goal.

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August 02, 2017

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