After spending 20 years with long hair, she decides to cut it off to have a more youthful look -
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After spending 20 years with long hair,…
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After spending 20 years with long hair, she decides to cut it off to have a more youthful look

February 20, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

When a woman or a man decides to let their hair grow, in the end, their hair becomes an integral part of their body.

Therefore, to think of cutting their hair, after a few years, is a very difficult idea to even contemplate, just as if suddenly, one had to do without a hand or a foot. 

Most likely, this was the situation of the woman who showed up at the door of Christopher Hopkins' salon, known all over the world as "The Makeover Guy".

In fact, the famous hairdresser and stylist had probably never seen such long hair, which arrived at and perhaps exceeded three feet in length. And surely, he was just dying to cut her hair!

The woman explained that she had worn her long hair for about 20 years, and this gives us an idea of the courage she had to have to opt for a change of look. Her favorite hairstyle was a long braid, which ran down her back and reached the bottom of her back. 

A charming hairstyle, but definitely not modern and youthful! Not to mention the color then, which gave the woman at least a dozen more years.

After making sure of her decision, Hopkins did not hesitate. He cut the long braid and opted for a warmer and younger-looking hair color. The final result? Judge for yourself from the video ...

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