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These 15 images prove that grandmothers…
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These 15 images prove that grandmothers are a force of nature!

December 07, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Nowadays our grandmothers can appear vulnerable and defenseless in a world in which they do not seem to belong.

Given their age, we should be the ones who are taking care of them but the reality is different! In fact, they continue to worry about us and to protect us in the best ways they can.

What we are about to show you are the images of 15 hilarious grandmothers who, despite their age, are still clever and very active as they try in every way to make themselves useful to their families.

1. A grandmother has been in this room ...

image: Loma/pikabu

2. When grandma says you are too thin ...


3. Looks like grandma probably does not understand how a USB flash drive works!

image: D4dyce/reddit

4. "The rabbit that grandma used for Easter decorations is rather strange ..."

5. "My grandmother brings bacon from home because according to her in the restaurant they do not put enough on her plate!"

image: tuzr/reddit

6. This grandmother has adopted three cats. One of them is an opossum ...

7. At the age of 87, she received the same pants as her 17-year-old granddaughter as a birthday gift!


8. "My grandmother knitted a sombrero for my hamster."

9. My grandmother bought this defective pig because she felt sorry for it!


10. An alternative method for taking a walk with her grandchildren.

11. "I gave my grandmother a computer ..."

image: mirniy/pikabu

12. With our grandmothers, there is never the risk of starvation!

13. "This is how my grandmother frightens birds to keep them away from her strawberries ..."

14. "Behold! My grandmother's incredible 21-layer Jell-O cake!"

15. "My grandmother tried to repair my fashionable torn jeans."

Do you also have a funny and amusing grandmother who at least once in your life has surprised you with an especially hilarious incident?

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