In this funny short film, a dad is able to convince his sons not to use their smartphones at the table -
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In this funny short film, a dad is able…
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In this funny short film, a dad is able to convince his sons not to use their smartphones at the table


Smartphones have become an extension of our arm, for this reasonit is it becoming more and more difficult to stop using it even at times when it would be appropriate to do so.

However, there are situations in which staying glued to the screen of a smartphone is definitely bad manners towards whoever is in our presence. 

That is precisely the lesson that the parent, who is the star of this video, has tried to give to his sons and to the millions of people who have viewed his video.

In fact, this father's reaction to his sons' bad manners is very educational and at the same time ... hilarious!

Now our smartphones accompany us in every daily task. And young people, in particular, seem to not be able to do without these devices, even in situations where it is considered rude, as in the midst of social activity with friends or family.

The video in question shines a light precisely on a problem that is probably the most common in many families.

The father, clearly upset by the behavior of his two sons who ignore him to reply to messages on their smartphones, makes the most hilarious decision imaginable!

In short, with a dad like this, smartphones are banned during dinner time, as they should be in any other family in the world.

At the bottom of this article, you can find the video with this hilarious family scene that has garnered millions of views and has gone viral.

Enjoy the video!

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