The photo of these two dogs that share a blanket is the most touching thing you'll see today -
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The photo of these two dogs that share…
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The photo of these two dogs that share a blanket is the most touching thing you'll see today


From the day dogs became part of the life of humans, many things have changed; today we can say that from these beautiful creatures we have much to learn and not a day goes by without us being reminded of this.

An example of how dogs have both a heart and a brain that we often underestimate is in this story about this female dog.

Suelen is the woman who posted a picture on Facebook that shows the gesture of her dog that has touched thousands of people. Just take a look at it and you will understand why.

Suelen had bought a new blanket for her dog, Lana. She had placed the blanket in Lana's kennel to make it warmer and more comfortable.

The following morning, Suelen saw a scene that moved her. She saw that Lana had placed the blanket near the backyard fence to offer a half of it to a stray puppy.

 "I swear when I saw that scene I was so touched," said the woman. And you cannot blame her; the gesture of her dog, who offered what she had to let a less fortunate puppy fortunate spend the night a little bit warmer, is full of meaning. We humans, also have something to learn from an episode like this that is both spontaneous and heartwarming. 


How many times do we prefer to pretend not to see rather than to help someone? How often do we decide to continue to take care of our own business, instead of making a banal but useful gesture? To pretend not to see often gives us the illusion of having solved the problem.

Fortunately, there are these special beings who remind us of the solidarity that there should be between those of the same species and those that are not.

If this story has moved you, it will make you happy to know that the stray puppy is no longer homeless. "The little friend is no longer defenseless", wrote Suelen suggesting that she has adopted the dog.

A beautiful gesture that could not fail to follow that of her dog, Lana. 

Have you ever received a lesson in "humanity" from your four-legged friend? Let us know!

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