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A young boy fights to the end of his…
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A young boy fights to the end of his illness in order to meet his unborn sister!


Young Bailey Cooper was just 9 years old when doctors diagnosed him with non-Hodgkin's lymphomas, a malignant tumor originating from the lymphocytes.

As is understandable, the news shook his family very much, and everyone gave their full support to the little warrior when he began the difficult treatments.

However, therapy seemed to work and after a few months the disease was in remission, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. However, for this young boy, destiny had other plans.

In fact, after a few months, Bailey started to get sick again. The tumor, according to the doctors, had returned in an even more aggressive form. Again the young boy began a new round of treatments, and then again the disease was in remission, but not completely eliminated. After a few more months, the disease reoccurred, and this time the compassionate but helpless doctors warned that they were not sure Bailey would survive.

We can only imagine the despair that his parents and little brother Riley were feeling --- that this young boy, who in normal conditions would have had all of his life in front of him, was destined to leave them so soon. However, amid this distressful situation, Bailey found a goal to hold on to.


Although he had no hope of survival, Bailey had decided that he wanted to see his little unborn sister, who was going to come into the world shortly after his death! Unfortunately, the amount of time that the doctors said the had left to live was not enough to cover the complete term of gestation. In fact, the baby would be born after a couple of months, but his irrepressible cancer left him only a few more weeks to live. And yet, miraculously, the young boy managed to live long enough to see and meet her!

It was Bailey who chose her name, Millie, and in the short time they spent together, he did not take her eyes off her. He cradled her, sang songs and helped her mother change her clothes and diapers, just like any older brother would have done.

Nevertheless, after his sister's birth, only a few days had passed before his condition worsened. By now, the doctors had found that the tumor had reached his brain and that it was really only a matter of days.

During one of the last moments Bailey passed with her little sister in his arms, he said something that made his  Mother's heartbreak: "I would like to stay, but I know I have to go ... to become her guardian angel." 

After a few days, Bailey lost consciousness and was taken to the hospital. His parents spent excruciating and interminable hours comforting him and remaining by his side to accompany him on his last journey.

They began to read stories aloud, they listened to his favorite songs together, held and caressed him continuously. And when the time came, they were there, to whisper to him that they would love him forever.


Although they are relieved to know that Bailey has stopped suffering, his parents went through a devasting experience and they still feel deeply the absence of their little angel. But they try not to abandon themselves for too long to these sad feelings, as was expressly requested by their young son Bailey before he died.

In fact, during a conversation in the last period spent at home, Bailey had told her mother: "You'll be allowed to cry for me for only 20 minutes. You have to take care of Riley and Millie!"

Now that his little sister has grown up, her parents often tell her about her little generous older brother --- an angel who had to leave them too soon, but that certainly at all times, wherever he is now, still watches over her.


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