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10 basic rules you could follow if you…
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10 basic rules you could follow if you want your children to grow into polite and well-behaved adults

October 05, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Being parents these days and times can be very stressful! For many parents, it is only a distant dream the possibility of devoting themselves completely to raising their children, while it is much more likely that a parent is reduced to juggling work, home, and family at the same time. 

Is there any hope of raising healthy, educated, and mentally strong children with all the obstacles facing us in modern life? Luckily, the answer is "Yes".

Here are 13 principles of parenting that should not be underestimated while raising a child.

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Although today's parents are inclined to adopt a "softer" instructional line, experts still agree that children need rules. Here are 13 principles that should never be lacking a child's education. 

1. Domestic chores: Having the responsibility of having to deal with small household chores teaches children time management, responsibility, diligence, and it helps to develop their self-esteem. 

2. Going to bed early: It is very important to make sure that children get the right amount of sleep every night. Only in this way will they be able to improve their communication, reasoning, and self-control skills. 

3. Routine: Setting fixed times for certain activities (for eating, sleeping, watching TV, having a snack, etc ...) Such routines give children a sense of stability, tranquility, and harmony. 

4. Free days: Set aside and keep free days for yourself so that you can catch up on what is happening with your children and allow your children to enjoy moments in complete leisure in your company. 

5. Music: Do not exclude music as you raise your children! Pediatric science shows that children who learn to play an instrument develop higher cognitive skills. 

6. Time outdoors: Children are attracted to nature, even if it is only the backyard! Encourage your children to spend time outdoors, in order to improve their fitness, health, and general mood.

7. Invest in creating an experience: During holidays and birthdays, why not invest in creating an experience that will become a positive memory that involves the active participation of your child and the entire family, instead of limiting yourself to buying a material gift that is an end in itself?  

8. Hugs: Children may not want them as much as they grow up, but a hug remains the most effective way to show affection and protection. Do not let hugs be missing in the life of your children!

9. Playing games: Do not be afraid to play with your children. Pretend you are a child again and play without restraint with them. Those games will be memories that your children will carry in their heart forever. 

10. Books: Do not underestimate the power of a simple book. Reading extends the vocabulary, improves conversation, promotes intellectual development, and increases attention. 

Being a parent can be really tiring, especially after reading a long ten-point list! The most important thing, however, is to identify the principles that are missing in your family and integrate them to help you raise your children better. Remember that children need stability and to receive guidance and rules from their parents!

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