The more time you spend with your mother, the longer she will live --- this has been confirmed in a study! -
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The more time you spend with your mother,…
These stupendous images clearly demonstrate that time passes --- but sentiments do not! A puppy absolutely refuses to leave his beloved sister at the veterinarian clinic ...

The more time you spend with your mother, the longer she will live --- this has been confirmed in a study!


As one advances in age, there are a series of problems that complicate a person's life and can affect an older person both physically and psychologically.

To aggravate the situation of those who are faced with the classic aches and pains, there is loneliness.

We all know how it can sometimes be unpleasant to be alone, but few take into account how loneliness can play a fundamental role in how many years we live.


Loneliness is a source of anguish, sadness, and pain in most older people, and in addition, loneliness is also capable of causing a substantial deterioration in the general conditions of health and may even be one of the direct causes for the death of an elderly person. 

The study interviewed 1064 participants between 2002 and 2008 (with 59% being women), with an average age of 71, who were asked whether they felt excluded, isolated, and without company. Based on the responses, two categories were identified, one for solitary people and one for non-solitary people. 

At the end of the research, it emerged that most of the participants felt that it was loneliness that worsened their health condition and thus constituted a threat.

Unfortunately, in modern medical protocols, the social condition of patients is never taken into account in the treatment of diseases. However, always staying alone or in company can make a big difference, both in the quality of life and in its actual length.

Spending time with your elderly parents is a way to keep them with you longer. Consequently, do not neglect to spend time with your mother or your father! There will be a time to do all the rest, but there will never be another time to live intensely those moments together when your mother or father are gone!

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