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The 6 foods that increase serotonin which is your brain's favorite food!

If happiness had a recipe, it would consist exclusively of a large quantity of serotonin. Yes, this neurotransmitter is responsible for all those moments in our daily life in which we feel happy, relaxed,…

The 7 "superpowers" of left-handed people

If you belong to the 10% of the world population that uses their left hand to write, consider yourself part of a small circle of gifted people. Fortunately, over the years, science has contributed to…

Men who are unfaithful, are less intelligent than those who are faithful, a research study reveals ...

Are you a man and you tend to be unfaithful? Well, then you may have an IQ that is lower than those who do not.  This is the conclusion at which a study entitled "Why Liberals and Atheists Are More Intelligent" has…

A man's beard contains more bacteria than a dog's hair, says a research study

The beard in all its forms and styles has always been a cultural feature that is a distinctive and stylish feature of men throughout the world over the centuries. Whether it is mustaches or goatees, over…

Sleeping too little can cause a weight gain of up to 2 lb (1 kg) per week, a study says

At the end of a long and tiring day at work, often all that we want to do is to get home and slip under the covers - and say -- goodnight! Everyone loves to sleep, and sleep is a vital necessity because…

Struggling to get out of bed is a sign of great intelligence -- a psychological study reveals

Probably in the morning, there is nothing more difficult than leaving our comfortable and cozy bed. For some people, this operation is more complicated and only after the alarm has sounded for the umpteenth…

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