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Why do we need to sleep with a blanket on even in hot weather?

It will also have happened to you on the hottest nights of the summer season to sweat but at the same time not feel exactly comfortable sleeping on your bed without a blanket or a light sheet: why, despite…

The power and wonder of genetics: 14 photos that show a remarkable resemblance between parents and their children

How many times has someone said you're the spitting image of one of your parents? Obviously, you looking like your parents doesn't just happen randomly; it's genetics. This doesn't mean, however, that…

Dancing is good for the body and mind and also reverses the aging process of the brain!

Age is a state of mind! Even, if it is true that cellular aging occurs with the passage of time, nevertheless,  to always feel young it would be enough not to stop doing some the good things that we…

According to some researchers, the use of smartphones could change the structure of the human body

The phenomenon of "bone spurs" is a physiological condition that occurs in humans usually at a rather advanced age, and in individuals who have particular pathologies or due to prolonged and incorrect…

Here is what ailment a person suffers from who spends their time taking selfies while working out, according to scientific research

It is useless to deny it: we live in an era of appearances. What counts, first and foremost, due to the widespread emergence of social media networks and instant communication, is the image that others…

Why do mosquitoes bite you more than anyone else? Here are seven reasons why you are being targeted

When the first heat waves hit that means only one thing: summer is finally upon us! However, every year, with the arrival of good weather, annoying mosquitoes also arrive, always ready to torment us and…

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