Why do mosquitoes bite you more than…
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Why do mosquitoes bite you more than anyone else? Here are seven reasons why you are being targeted

June 13, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

When the first heat waves hit that means only one thing: summer is finally upon us!

However, every year, with the arrival of good weather, annoying mosquitoes also arrive, always ready to torment us and make our lives a living hell.

Mosquito bites are always something that is very annoying and nobody would ever want to find themselves being bitten, but some people seem to be specifically targeted by these little pests!

If you often have the feeling that you are the only one mosquitoes bite, you are not just pretending to be a victim. You are exactly right!

And there are at least seven plausible explanations why mosquitoes cannot do without your blood.

image: Wikipedia

  • 1 - Carbon dioxide: Mosquitoes, like all predators, have a highly developed sense of smell that allows them to detect odors even at considerable distances. According to a study published on the University of Cambridge website, mosquitoes can perceive the carbon dioxide we normally produce when we breathe even at a distance of 164 meters. Usually, pregnant or overweight women emit more CO2 than other people and, therefore, they are bitten more often. However, an increase in emitting carbon dioxide may be due to some very common factors such as the performance of any physical activity, or even drinking a beer. 
  • 2 - Body temperature: If you have a high body temperature, you risk being bitten more often than others. This is why we become so easily attacked by these insects while engaged in sports activities. 
  • 3 - Blood group: It seems that people belonging to the blood group O are more frequently victims of mosquito bites. The research study was carried out on a rather small number of samples but, in any case, the results show how people with blood group 0, are more exposed to mosquito bites than those belonging to blood group A.

  • 4 - The same research study that showed the results related to blood groups, also found that mosquitoes are more attracted by some people because they emit particular chemical substances that allow insects to identify their blood group. 
  • 5 - Our skin: A research study has also found that mosquitoes choose to target a person based on their skin flora which are microorganisms which reside on human skin.
  • 6 - Lactic acid: According to another research study, when we do physical activity, for example, we release a large quantity of lactic acid, a substance that greatly attracts mosquitoes. 
  • 7 - Beer and alcohol: Yes, even if in summer a nice cold beer is what it takes to quench your thirst, it seems that mosquitoes are particularly attracted to beer ... so, be careful not to overdo it!



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